Friday, October 7, 2011

Faces of Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Carolyn Rowley P.H.D and The Cayenne Wellness Center is creating
"FACES of Sickle Cell Photo Project".

They hope to compile photos of people with sickle cell disease into a book or museum exhibit in order to exhibit the faces (& lives) of people affected by the disease.

***How it works is Dr. Rowley makes an appointment to come to someone's home, office, or wherever they feel comfortable meeting (cafe, park, museum, etc). The session takes less than 1.5 hours, during which Dr. Rowley takes photographs of the person and makes an audio recording of the conversation about living with sickle cell disease. People can take the photo with a significant other, child, pet, etc. - whatever they prefer.***

If you are interested in lending your face & story in this exhibit.
email: (also, let her know where you are)

or call

Cayenne Wellness Center and Children's Foundation
PO Box 3856
Glendale, CA 91221
818.377.5120 tele
818.840.9485 fax

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