Saturday, April 9, 2016

Better Not Broken - Sickle Cell Disease

Recently, I spent a wonderful time with a support group of sickle cell warriors from The Cayanne Wellness Center in LA, California.

I was invited to talk about "Healing Through Journalism" and as I reviewed my book "I Only Cry At Night, the subject was confirmed to me. My past journals revealed the truth, that I had released the pain I carried from childhood through adulthood in its pages. There is truth in the belief that "we" can't and shouldn't carry our pain, or our past, if we want to live a full and happy life. We must learn to "let it go" and journaling worked for me.

As I re-read the book, I remembered the events and saw the people, places and events. The difference for me is that they are on paper, in my book, not in my heart. What we all agreed; was that those challenges made me better not broken.

Get a journal and try it. Let the tears fall just like the words, on the paper.

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Happy journaling!