Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sickle Cell Does Not Win!

I've grown a lot since this high school picture and I've learned some hard life lessons. I conquered the world, best I could, with an unbeaten strength, the grace of God and the willingness to never give up.

Since that day a lot has changed. One thing that hasn't changed, is my resolve that Sickle Cell does not win. I resolve this every morning that I wake up in pain, and every night when I thank God for His strength. I've missed some things, but not my resolve to keep living, keep giving, and keep praising. 

As my journey continues into membership in AARP (Ameican Association of Retired People), I look forward. I ask myself, and God, What else can I do to educate, inform and speak for people with sickle cell? And I wait because everything I do now takes longer & my strength.

The answer is blood. People with sickle cell need blood, need donors, and need help with the gift of life that blood offers. I love blood donors, and marvel at their various reasons why they give blood. And I Love it! 

So, today I'm a blood donor advocate. I volunteer even when I'm in pain, because someone might receive blood that will save their life. Thank you Lord for my second wind.

Find out where you to donate blood and save 3 lives with 1 donation