Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Hina Patel Foundation Cares

The Hina Patel Foundation in Bakersfield, CA works to support Sickle Cell Disease awareness and screening programs in India. The quote below is from their recent trip to India 2012:

“Sickle Cell camp in India was a huge success. We went to 5 villages (Zankhari, Chakara, Ambach, Mahuvaria, and Surali) and took samples of 3,732 people.

851 had sickle cell trait, 67 had sickle cell disease and approximately 40% of them were newly diagnosed.

They had pain crisis but due to poverty and living far from the city without transportation. These people usually stayed home and suffered with the pain.

We diagnosed a girl about 8 years of age that could not stand or walk due to multiple pain crisis. This was very sad. Her brother also was diagnosed with the disease.
Our foundation provided education about sickle cell, gave each tested person a personal report about sickle cell with explanations. We provided blood grouping to all 3,732 people. Healthy individuals received a “normal” report card with their blood type and on back of the card it tells them the importance of donating blood (a live blood bank for sickle cell patients).

The 851 sickle cell trait individuals got a card indicating they were a “carrier” and on back of the card it explained what it means to be a carrier. The card also explained that these “carriers” should seek genetic counseling when reaching appropriate age to get married and have children.

The 67 individuals with sickle cell disease were given a card that explains what they must do to take care as far as taking medicine, drinking 10 cups of water, dress warm, do not over exert, etc. Each person was given Folic Acid, Larium and Toradol for pain for 1 month. We also set up a program where they will receive these three medications once a month for entire year along and 4 times per year, they will receive CBC (funded by our foundation).

The doctor I worked with also gave check-ups.

Our goal (Hina Patel Foundation) is to continue screening once a year and to keep funding for medication. There are roughly 8 million people that live in this tribal region of Gujarat who mostly carry the sickle cell gene.”

The Hina Patel Foundation is doing their part to support sickle cell disease awareness, treatment and care. They are an example of doing something……anything for your fellow man, woman and child with sickle cell disease.

Thank you Hina Patel Foundation, the angels in heaven are smiling down on you.

Visit The Hina Patel Foundation website to find out more and to donate to their efforts.