Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sickle Cell Disease & Natural Healing

What do you know about natural or herbal healing?  How can we (people with sickle cell disease) help ourselves with the benefits of herbal remedies?  Mankind has used the benefits of earth's herbal remedies for centuries.
Why have we stopped?
Tamika Moseley is a mom with sickle cell trait. Her eldest child inherited sickle cell disease from both her and her husband. Rather than succumb to self-pity, self-blame or hopelessness, Tamika has chosen to be pro-active about her fight with this disease. She is fighting on the battlefield of nutrition and natural healing.

  I interviewed Tamika about her new book, Sickle Cell Natural Healing:

Q.  Give us some background about why you wrote this book. 

A.  I wrote this book because my oldest son has sickle cell disease, my youngest son and husband both has SC disease which is a milder form of the disease.  At the age of 1yrs old, my oldest was hospitalized every 3-4 months with sickle cell crisis and he also received 2 blood transfusions that same year.  I had to choose another avenue for my family because what was happening obviously wasn't working. I started researching natural herbs and started treating him, today it's been 3 years and 8 months and my son has not had a sickle cell crisis, nor any complications related to sickle cell.

Q.  What did you know about sickle cell disease prior to writing this book? 

A.  All I knew about sickle cell disease is it is a very painful disease and could be fatal.  And people with the trait like myself could never have any issues.  Which later in life I found out not to be true, people with the trait can have problems.  I almost died after my 3rd child.

Q.  What have you learned? 

A.  I have learned so much about this disease, how a person doesn't make enough red blood cells to supply oxygen throughout the body and in turns how dangerous this can be; leading to organ damage, strokes and a host of other complications as well.  that sickle cell disease can be controlled with herbs.  Herbs have been around since the beginning of time and is good for so many things, herbs can heal so many sicknesses and diseases, we first have to have an open mind to the healing power of herbs.

Q.  How can this book help others?

A.  This book can help others be aware that there are other avenues to take when dealing with sickle cell.  I wanted to tell my story because at one time; I was that person in and out of the ER on a regular basis with my son; but not anymore.   I was that person having pain crisis in both legs and both arms and near death.  I understand how hurtful, emotional, heartbreaking this is when you have a loved one suffering and there is nothing you can do about it.  I want people to know that they don't have to suffer, they don't have to be in pain, they can live healthy and happy lives with sickle cell.  Bringing awareness to people globally that herbs can minimize crisis and hospital visits.  Also minimize the number of deaths.

Q.  What is the one thing you want readers to remember? 

A.  Always remember that God grants us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change and to have the courage to change the things we can.  We have to educate ourselves and have know that knowledge is power, but only if we apply it.

Q.  What are you doing to bring awareness to sickle cell disease? 

A.  I have teamed up with  Dr Charlie Ware, a homeopathic doctor in Hollywood, FL (he treats patients with sickle cell disease with herbs) and has had great success!!!  We both are passion about this disease and our goal is to educate the world globally.  This disease has been around for 100 years and it's time for us to take back our lives.  We will be at the Jerk Festival in Sunrise, FLNovember 10th promoting awareness and I will have my book available to sale.

Q.  How can we purchase this book?

A. The book will officially be available November 4th.  Pre orders will begin 10/4/2013 through my website: (site will be up and ready for pre orders on 10/4/2013) for International request: please email and include your name, address, city/country/contact number and how many copies requesting and we will get back with you.

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