Saturday, November 8, 2008

To Those Who Care About Us

I was going to write a separate blog for each wonderful Sickle Cell Center, Hospital, or Clinic that stood out as a beacon of hope for patients with Sickle Cell Disease. What I found was way too many of them to mention separately.

There are so many doctors, advocates, universities, clinics and organizations who are fighting in-behalf of patients with Sickle Cell Disease. They are working to touch the lives of hurting people, researching new drugs to give comfort for their pains, and fighting the uphill battle to find a cure. The more I researched the more I was moved to tears.

There is an army out there who cares about me and all the other patients suffering with Sickle Cell Disease. To this army of health care professionals who see pain and suffering everyday, I say thank you for your compassion. To the advocates who organize walks, conferences and seminars, I say God bless you. And, to those researchers who never get tired of looking into a microscope at sickle cells, looking for a cure, I say DON’T GIVE UP.

There is an army of Sickle Cell patients cheering you on, petitioning God in your behalf, and silently hoping for your success. I tip my hat, I bow my head in respect, I yell “YIPPY!!!”, and I pass on their love for all your hard work.