Friday, November 6, 2015

New Perspective- Living With Sickle Cell

This picture sums up my summer of 2015.

A trip to Utah to meet my newest granddaughter Kyndal, led to a health scare that I must take seriously. Utah, at 4400 feet elevation, is bad for me in the winter. Winter cold mixed with lower oxygen levels is not good. I know this. But it's June, my birthday month and I just HAD to see my baby be born supposedly on my birthday. Neither happened and everything went downhill quickly.

It's all better now, but it gave me a new perspective....I want to live. I MUST do EVERYTHING right, then put the rest in Gods hands. My granddaughter lives in Kansas now, elevation 1230 feet. So elevation problem solved.

I'm getting back to family, friends, and advocating for people with sickle cell disease......and staying the heck out of Utah!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!