Friday, March 6, 2009

Young People “Don’t Give Up”

I’ve heard too many stories about young people (ages 13-30) with Sickle Cell Disease who just give up on life. They believe they've gotten a bad deal from God, that life is unfair, and it's not worth living if it includes suffering.

In result, these young people drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes (and whatever else); and push their bodies beyond its limits. Trying to keep up with their friends, these young people end up in the hospital every time.

I know it’s hard to take care of yourself when you’re suffering and sad. I know that life seems unfair when you’re the only one with Sickle Cell Disease that you know. I know you want to live, like everyone else, and I also know how it feels to be 20 years old (with life ahead of you), and Sickle Cell dims your hopes for a future.

I have to tell you young people “Don’t give up!”

There is hope past the pain. There is life beyond blood transfusions. You’ve gotta just live. Live well and take care of yourself. I promise you there are happy days ahead….live to see them. There is wellness ahead….do your part to have it. There is a future for do all the things you want (or can) do. Live to see it.

I tell you this (young people), from one SC sufferer to another, cry if you want to cry…then wipe your tears. Get up, dust yourself off and get on with your life. Go ahead and dream big dreams, and then do whatever you can to make those dreams come true. God will do the rest.

When you get weak and you fall, get up, dust yourself off and try again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Then, just smile, because you're not going to be defeated by anything…. not even Sickle Cell Disease.


  1. Lyanna9:04 AM

    yes i also suffer form SCD, and sorry to say. iv turned down the rong road thinking theres nothing for me, and every area of my life feels like a struggle. wishing to have a good life aint in my head rite now, im finding it realy hard to deal with. iv even lost contact to the people that mean the world to me, only because i feel they dont understand.. ////////but hopefully things will change for me!!

  2. Lyanna, I understand.

    The road living with SCD is long and surely hard. Beyond that we have to choose to live past the pain of SCD. We have to turn-off the thoughts of giving up. And instead, we have to turn-on the lights of love, the lights of hope, and the light of life that burns inside us.

    Lyanna, I feel pain every day of my life, and I too get tired. But WE must keep going, We must enjoy everything, and WE must look for reasons to thank God for this life.

    I promise you, keep looking for good in life....and I know you will find it. xoxoxoxo God bless.

  3. Let me reitterate. Young people, don't give up and if you're old with SCD don't you give up either, life can be awesome! There is one requirement however, and that is to educate and take care of yourself. Yes it may be difficult and frustrating but life is to be lived in spite of the obstacles it presents. Whether you have SCD or any other physical, mental, or social disease, etc.
    I will soon be 53 years old. I have 3 children that I was told that I should never have ages, 26, 21, and 16. I just recently obtained an Associates of Arts degree (please get an earlier start than I) and although I've not really been great in the work force I do what I can and handle my responsibilities. Life is great right now and I feel like I'm getting my second wind. God certainly has not forgotten me and I'm learning to remeber Him. He has been and remains to be good. I didn't always do the right things and I didn't always feel that I was dealt a fair hand but I've learned to play the hand I have. When the cards you have tell you to fold, bluff and play on because there's a good chance you'll end up with more chips than you started.