Monday, March 23, 2009

Sickle Cell Sabbath

There is a lot of money to be made by non-profit organizations that support specific “diseases.” Patients, with those diseases, may or may not benefit from those organizations unless they seek them out. One thing that every patient with Sickle Cell disease can benefit from is the donation of blood.

I recently read an article about a young girl with Sickle Cell disease who has received over 400 blood transfusions in her short lifetime. She is now working with community churches to encourage donations as part of “Sickle Cell Sabbath.” This effort was directed to community churches because they are a symbol of goodwill and a pillar God’s love. Together with a local blood center, this young girl has begun a quest to ask churches for donations of blood, rather than money. A donation that we all know will be put to good use.

We can all learn a lesson from this young girl, who has moved past her personal struggle to enhance the lives of others. We can find creative ways to help people and meet their needs, as we care for our own. We can give money, if possible, and we can give love, always. We can also encourage the world to give blood and make a donation to someone’s life. xoxoxox

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  1. Do your part, organize a blood drive today, church is in session!