Thursday, November 20, 2014

The price of fun - life with sickle cell

I recently attended my twin grand children's 2nd birthday party. I travelled to an area that recently had a rain storm. Though it had past, the chill was still the air. The chill got into my arm and that was it! I spent the next week fighting with sickle cell. I did everything I knew to NOT have a crisis. I used heat, pain killers and a whole lot of prayer.  Fast forward, I beat the odds once again.

As I age, I have to consider everything I do. I must consider travel time, what the temperature is, how much "FUN" I will be having, and recovery time from this fun.

My goal is to see these two babies graduate college, get married & have children of their own. This is my prayer. And, I'm going to do everything I can.....God see these wonderful days.

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