Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Helping Children Understand Sickle Cell Disease

One of the saddest things is a child who suffers with a chronic illness asking...why me? 
In time of suffering, they feel alone, sad and angry that they're different. 

If we, adults, can help remove some of their suffering, we've done something special.
This is where The Cilly Cell Project begins.

Author Angel Woods has written a book, Jeffrey's Story, A Time of Sickle Cell Crisis written especially for children. Jeffrey's Story explains sickle cell disease and the issue of having a 'crisis' in a way that a child can understand. Cilly Cell is a big part of this story as well. 
Here's my interview with Ms. Woods:

1.  Give us some background about why you wrote this book. I wanted to put something out there to help educate children and spread awareness using CILLY CELL as a teaching tool. I felt like she may be someone they would listen to.

2. What did you know about sickle cell disease prior to writing this book?  I was born with Sickle Cell Hemoglobin C Disease. I suffered some as a teen but I suffered more in my adult life once I started having children. I was not educated on this disease as a child. I had to learn the ends and outs through my own suffering.

3.  What have you learned?  I'm still learning everyday but I've learned a very important lesson about how differently this disease affects everyone. You will see a lot of similarities but the doctors fail by treating every patient the same. What I know is education is very key. If we can be taught as a child to have better eating and drinking habits, we wouldn't have to struggle so hard as adults to get rid of our bad habits. We were given certain foods as natural healing aids and they work. 

4.  How can this book help others? This book will give insight on what may be considered a typical day for someone with this disease.  A Sickle "crisis" can be very spontaneous. Children with Sickle Cell will be able to relate. My hope is that other children will become more aware, educated and compassionate towards the children who suffer with this pain everyday.

5.  What is the one thing you want readers to remember?  I want my readers to remember to eat healthy, that CILLY CELL is a symbol of hope and believe in the healing power of Jesus. On the back of the book you'll see above CILLY'S head "Divine Health, Hope, Healing". Awareness and education are only the beginning for The "CILLY CELL" Project. The bible says, "A merry heart does good like medicine." One of the reasons CILLY CELL was created was to bring joy and laughter. When children see CILLY CELL it makes their heart glad, and then healing has begun.

6.  What are you doing to bring awareness to sickle cell disease?  Along with this book I have a website and Facebook pages where I'm able to share information. I also have brochures and other items (water bottles, wristbands etc.) that I use to spread awareness. I want CILLY CELL to be an awareness message without words because of her shape that the world will recognize and support; like the pink ribbon did for Breast Cancer. I will begin to do more awareness rallies this year in various states starting with Georgia. I'm willing to come to your town.

7.  How can we purchase this book? Check out www.createspace.com and also available at Amazon.co.uk.

Contact Angel Woods directly at: www.thecillycellproject.weebly.com/  
email - cillycell40@yahoo.com
on Facebook
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