Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ryan Clark - From Sickle Cell Disease Tragedy To Triumph

While intellectuals are "writing" abstracts on how to care for people with Sickle Cell Disease, Ryan Clark is "doing" something about it.

Ryan knows first-hand the effects of loss that surround living with sickle cell. As he states, "The loss of my sister-in-law & my own life-treatening experience with sickle cell gave me insight into the intense agony people with the disease go through daily."

What Ryan is "doing" is through his foundation Cure League which is tackling sickle cell.

Their goals are:

"Work together to fund research studies and develop sickle cell disease educational outreach with end goals of:
  • Finding effective new sickle cell disease treatments
  • Identifying a cure for sickle cell disease
  • Expanding patient access to comprehensive sickle cell disease care (in PA)
  • Increasing public awareness and reducing the stigma associated with sickle cell disease.
This is putting money, time & talent where your mouth is.

You go get'um Ryan Clark & Cure League. I'm cheering you on over here and people with sickle cell disease thank you in advance.

Now, go win that Super Bowl for PA!!!!!!


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