Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Young People With Sickle Cell Need Help Too!

Young people with Sickle Cell Disease often wonder, "Why me? Why do I have to have this disease?"

These questions often lead to anger, despair and resentment. This resentment often leads to non-acceptance of their illness and to ignoring the need to take care of themselves.

Death amoung young people who are in transition from childhood care to adult (self-managed) care is entirely too high.

These young people in transition need our support, love and encouragement. They also need to see examples of older adults "living" with Sickle Cell Disease and living well despite the difficulties.

Here's some help and resources:

Teen Health - Childrens National Medical Center Transition Education

Teen Health - KidsHealth.Org - Transitioning Your Medical Care

Pyschosocial Help - New Jersey Department of Health

Living with your teen - North Carolina Department of Health

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