Thursday, February 10, 2011

To Tell or Not to Tell

Many of us hide our health issues from family and friends. I didn't tell anyone I worked with until I called my boss from the hospital (with a horrible raspy voice) telling him, "I have sickle cell and I need a blood transfusion."

I was tired of hiding and sick as a dog.

The response of my boss and co-workers was surprising. Their compassion poured over me and I was so relieved. I could finally relax, get well, and come back to work after two weeks with my head held high.

This is our dilemma, to tell or not to tell.

There are laws that protect people with disabilities. Sickle cell is considered a disease that disables and all of these laws protect us too. The American with Disabilities Act gives (us) rights to work without fear of being fired, passed over for promotions, reduced pay or lack of training.

Check out the Disability Act and know your rights to live.....and tell.

Americans with Disabilities Act


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