Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sickle Cell "Crisis" Triggers

There are things in the lives of people with sickle cell disease that trigger a sickle cell “crisis”. Some things like simply living, working and surviving can causes triggers to push us over the edge into the pit of pain. Other things, in some cases, are preventable like lifestyle choices. Either way, once the trigger is set, a sickle cell crisis begins with full fury.

Some of the triggers are:
1. Excessive temperatures (too hot/too cold)
2. Infection (cold/flu/etc.)
3. Stress
4. Exhaustion (not enough rest)
5. Over-exertion (too much work/too much exercise).
6. De-hydration (not enough water)
7. Bad Nutrition (dieting/not eating good food)
8. Bad Lifestyle Habits (alcohol/smoking/drugs)

Once the crisis has begun, usually a hospital stay follows. God forbid a crisis leads to death, but usually a blood transfusion, oxygen, antibiotics, pain medication, and glucose (for hydration) are needed. After a week, maybe two, in the hospital you come out feeling thinner, slower, and hoping to never go back again. Wishful thinking.

Since we’re living in a stressful world full of every kind of trigger, it is important for people with Sickle Cell to really take care of themselves. What we can’t control, we should let go of. What we can control, we should. Good living and good habits will help us live.

Ps. I want to live as long as possible…so, I’m taking a nap right now! ;-)


  1. I look forward to reading through your blog. I am a mother to two adopted children who suffer from sickle cell disease--we live in Uganda, East Africa. It is my hearts desire to do more to help the 25,000 children born each year in this country, 80% dying before they reach the age of two. I am praying about starting a blog to be their voice!

  2. God bless you for the commitment to your children. There are people suffering all over the world with sickle cell disease, the more voices the better.

    There is a support group on-line at:

    You can connect with other people suffering with this disease for support and information. ;-)

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I have Sickle Cell and I been blessed! keep everyone with sickle cell in your prayers! GOD BLESS! (:

  4. Yes some of us are doing better than others, we all have good days and some worse than others. We have to fight on, support each other, encourage each other and by all means pray for each other. Thanks for reminding us.